Local Elections 2017

Beginning June 1 until 9:00am June 30, 2017 there will be an electronic vote on a number of Local 2289 elected positions.

Below is the list of candidates for each office and the announcement of acclaimed positions.
Click the candidate’s name to view their candidate profile (.pdf)

Cullen Bolger
Diane Power

Vice President
Darren MacKenzie
Rob Oakey

Wendy Bradley Reynolds
Rhea MacMaster

Regional Director District 2
Faith Chaisson
Patrick Farrell
*note: only voted by members in District 2

Acclaimed Positions
– Gordie Cormier
– Charles Maynard

District 1
Director District 1: R.J. MacNeil
Chief Steward: Donald Delaney
Shop Stewards: Mike Barrie, Tim Bonang, Paul Burke, Colin MacNeil, Diane Power, David White
Women’s Committee Representative: Vacant

District 2
Chief Steward: Faith Chaisson
Shop Stewards: Donna Atwater, Matt Brown, Jeremy Hebert
Women’s Committee Representative: Vacant

District 3
Director District 3: Jason Pelley
Chief Steward: Lorna Bowden
Shop Stewards: Rob Oakey, Rhea MacMaster
Women’s Committee Representative: Perla Canales

District 4
Director District 4: David Fortner
Chief Steward: David Fortner
Shop Stewards: Will Sweeney, Craig Marriott
Women’s Committee Representative: Nicole Ross

Results from the Unit Elections:

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