Women’s Advocate

We are looking for our next Unifor Local 2289 Women’s Advocate

Please see below for the Women’s Advocate posting, application and language within our Collective Agreement. Application is required to be received in the Local office, in a sealed envelope and to the attention of “Women’s Advocate” no later than Friday, November 10th 2017. Please use additional blank paper to complete the application as necessary.

Women’s Advocate Job Posting

Women’s Advocate Applicaton


Unifor Women’s Advocate Program
29.14 The Company and the Council agree to work together
in implementing the Unifor Women’s Advocate Program.
The Company and Council agree that there will be
one (1) women’s advocate for each local during the term
of this agreement. The Company also agrees to pay for
the one (1) week training session provided by Unifor for
the Women’s Advocate Program to the four (4) women’s
advocates designated by the Council, to a maximum of
ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in total.

If you have any questions about the Women’s Advocate Program please email info@unifor2289.ca.


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