Local 2289 Election Results

July 2, 2014 Local, News

The Local 2289 Election Results will be release today, July 2 2014.
This page will be updated as the results become available.

Executive Board Election Results:
President: David Gates
Vice President: Leo Callahan
Regional Director District 1: Darren MacKenzie
Regional Director District 3: Karla Fulmore

Acclaimed Positions
Secretary/Treasurer – Sue Cole
Director District 2 – Paul Coulter
Director District 4 – David Fortner

Unit Election Results
Unit 1 Chairperson: Vacant
Co-Chairperson/Recorder: David White

Unit 2 Chairperson: Jane Pidgeon
Co-Chairperson/Recorder: Tracy Emery

Unit 3 Chairperson: Rod Kinnear
Co-Chairperson/Recorder: Vacant

Unit 4 Chairperson: Pat Farrell
Co-Chairperson/Recorder: Gary Barnes

Unit 5 Chairperson: Leo Callahan
Co-Chairperson/Recorder: Gail Bennett

Unit 6 Chairperson: Vacant
Co-Chairperson/Recorder: Vacant

Unit 7 Chairperson: Vacant
Co-Chairperson/Recorder: Vacant

Unit 8 Chairperson: Bonnie Klein
Co-Chairperson/Recorder: Robert Bower

Unit 10 Chairperson: Mike Trainor
Co-Chairperson/Recorder: Cullen Bolger

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