Union Election 2020

May 18, 2020 Local, News, Uncategorized

This message is on behalf of the Unifor Local 2289 Election Committee.

RE: Local Elections

The electronic vote for 2020 Local 2289 elected positions will be held from 9:00 am on June 1 until 5:00 pm on June 21. 

Below is the list of candidates for each office and the announcement of acclaimed positions.

Click the candidate’s name to view his/her candidate profile. 

Election Candidates

Vice President
David Fortner
Paul Soley

Wendy Bradley Reynolds
Robert Oakey

Acclaimed Positions

Cullen Bolger

District 1
Regional Director: RJ MacNeil
Shop Stewards: Paul Burke, Donald Delaney, David White
Women’s Committee Representative: Vacant

District 2
Regional Director: Faith Chaisson
Shop Stewards: Donna Atwater, Tracy Emery, Jeremy Hebert, Paul Moore
Women’s Committee Representative: Tracy Emery

District 3
Regional Director: Dale Scallion
Shop Stewards: Jarrett Anderson, Lorna Bowden, Leo Callahan, Robert Oakey, Paul Soley
Women’s Committee Representative: Vacant

District 4
Regional Director: Robert Bower
Shop Stewards: Wendy Bradley Reynolds, David Fortner, Ted Keay, Elizabeth Mackinnon, Steve Saucier, Will Sweeney, Rex Taylor
Women’s Committee Representative: Vacant

Fraternally yours,

The Election Committee
     Bob George (Election Judge)
     Perla Canales-Deichler
     Matthew Coady

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