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Allergy relief
Enjoy the season without the sneezing!
An allergy is an overreaction of the body’s immune system to normally harmless substances. Usually, the immune system protects your body by eliminating foreign substances (or allergens), such as bacteria or viruses. If you have seasonal allergies (also known as hay fever), your body overreacts to certain pollens when you are exposed to them. 
Common seasonal allergy symptoms include:
Stuffy nose
Itchy & watery eyes

It’s sometimes difficult to predict how people with allergies will respond to different types of allergy medications. You may need to try several different formulations before you find the product or products that are best for you.Ask your PPN Pharmacist about better ways to summer!
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Baby Be Healthy is a program designed to support those trying or planning to conceive through to when their child is 2 years old. Participation can begin anywhere in that timeframe. The primary support will be through complimentary prenatal vitamins and pharmacist consultations. We want to ensure that those who need it are getting free access to these vitamins and the opportunity to ask your pharmacist questions about what medications, including over the counter (OTC) medications, are safe to consume during pregnancy. Pharmacists are very accessible health care providers and can help parents get the information they need in a concise, practical manner!
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MHCSI Preferred Provider Network (PPN) Pharmacies include:Sobeys Pharmacy, Pharmacy at Safeway, Lawtons Drugs, Thrifty Foods Pharmacy, Foodland Pharmacy, Fresh Co. Pharmacy, Chalo Fresh Co. Pharmacy
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