NSGEU Nurses Put Patient Safety First

March 21, 2014 Did you know?

The NSGEU is campaigning for the introduction of nurse-to-patient ratios in our public healthcare system. We believe nurse-to-patient ratios are essential to providing a safe level of care. Our hospitals and community health services have been plagued by underfunding and a shortage of nurses for a long time, and with many experienced nurses set to retire in the near future, the problem is only going to get worse. Your community deserves better.

Our plan provides an appropriate ratio of nurses to patients. For example, on a typical medical or surgery ward, there would be one nurse for every four patients.

Our ratio plan guarantees minimum numbers only, but can be adjusted to meet higher patient acuity. It also allows for flexibility so nurses can use their professional judgment to determine appropriate levels of care.

How will this benefit you? With the introduction of nurse-to-patient ratios, Nova Scotians will get:

  • Better, more efficient healthcare;
  • Safer and more consistent nursing care;
  • Increased confidence in our healthcare system;
  • A healthier & more sustainable nursing workforce.

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