Rally to support Chronicle Herald workers Dec 14

December 14, 2016 Did you know?

Dear Unifor members,


It’s been 326 days since The Chronicle Herald newsroom staff began their strike. Their employer continues to ignore requests to bargain, despite members of the Halifax Typographical Union (HTU) offering a 17% pay cut.


December 14 Rally – 7pm


Tomorrow, we encourage you to join their rally outside the Herald’s print facility in the Bedford Industrial Park.  Matthew Blois, President of Local 2215 and Atlantic Regional Council Vice Chair, will be presenting a cheque to the HTU in the amount of $3,000.


Bring your Unifor flags and join us:


Where:     311 Bluewater Rd, Bedford Industrial Park.

When:      7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.


Other ways you can help the striking HTU members

  • Cancel your Chronicle Herald subscription and delivery of weeklies and flyers by calling 1-800-565-3339.
  • Send an email to Publisher Sarah Dennis ( and CEO Mark Lever ( saying you want real journalists back on the job.
  • Don’t read or purchase The Chronicle Herald.
  • Don’t visit their website or share Herald links on social media.
  • Read – the local news site run by the striking workers.
  • Offer coffee or good cheer to the workers on picket lines in Halifax and Sydney.
  • Like the Halifax Typographical Union Facebook page and follow them on Twitter for updates.
  • Don’t shop at businesses that continue to advertise in the Herald. See the list and more tips here.
  • Share these tips with your friends and family.

Thank you for your continued support of workers’ rights and professional journalism.

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